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I am Mary M. Gordon the founder of this program. Our traditional mat Pilates workout presents a customized, highly effective version of Joseph H. Pilates mat exercises, especially designed for those with extra abdominal width. We have learned the secret of safe movement for round bodies. This program is perfectly suited for exercisers who have had Bariatric weight loss surgery.
Plus Size Pilates® offers a safe, groundbreaking Pilates mat program modified for the overweight, under-fit, or tightly muscled exerciser (athlete), and for beginners overwhelmed by traditional Pilates mat programs.
The foundation for a fit body is core strength, one of the primary benefits of this unique program. Without core strength, full fitness potential cannot be met by anyone.
The results of our program demonstrate that the round body can become increasingly fit and trim which leads to improved well being, core strength, flexibility, and coordination.
Weight loss is NOT necessary to practice or benefit from
this program.
Additionally, shifting the attention from daily concerns to a vigorous physical routine helps to renew and refresh one's vitality by uniting the mind and body with intense focused movement.

All three Plus Size Pilates videos received awards at

WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, 2010 and 2011 Available at Amazon.com
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