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Instructor Certification
Integrative Mat Pilates™

Summer 2018
July 7, and July 14, 2018

16 hours


Based on traditional mat Pilates
Plus Size Pilates® techniques
The Face Lift
The Avalanche
The Roller

Qualifier for Apprentice Program

Mary M. Gordon
Pilates Plus Mat Certification, LLC

Pilates Plus Mat Certification, LLC 

Instructor Certification Program offering a License to teach Plus Size Pilates® and / or a Certification to teach Plus Size Pilates® as Integrative Mat Pilates™ 
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Tucson AZ classes - A 16 hours weekend certification program presenting proven and safe instruction for overweight (plus size), under fit (non exercisers), tightly muscled exercisers (athletes), and for beginners overwhelmed by traditional Pilates mat class. This certification program is based on the mat work of Joseph H. Pilates.

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