Plus Size Pilates® aka Integrative Mat Pilates™
Credentialing is an important process in homogenizing the teachings of Joseph Pilates.
In the past 10 years that I worked daily with lean and plus size bodies(250 to 400 pounds), I developed methods to modify traditional Pilates mat exercises so that people of all size and levels of fitness can practice Pilates to an advanced level.
In 2002 I earned ACE Certification as a Personal Trainer and that same year I became certified to teach and taught yoga.
I was first certified in 2003 to teach mat Pilates by Danielle Johnson with Exercise Science Alliance, which went out of business around 2006.
In 2004, Nancee Wood and Deborah Rocha certified about 20 of us here in Tucson to teach mat Pilates. Most of us are still teaching at the more prominent clubs, and gyms and at the community college and the University.
My experience as an operating room nurse (13 years), and as an endurance athlete (over 50 triathlons), and twelve years of working with plus size exercisers contribute to my understanding of the workings of the body.
Nancee K Wood, consultant to my instructor certification program for Pilates Plus Mat Certification, LLC, reviewed our manual for accuracy and clarity.
Nancee graduated from the Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado in l996 and has a BS, Kinesiology from the University of Colorado. She teaches in fitness centers and clubs in the Tucson area, and offers private lessons in her home studio. Nancee also completed Advances in Pilates Technique through the Long Beach Dance Conditioning Studio and Movement Academy in 2003.
Nancee and Deborah Rocha, co-instructors, inaugurated their first
Matwork Teacher Training program in October of 2002. In the fall of 2003 the two teacher trainers initiated an additional program, comprehensive training on the Pilates Apparatus.
My instructor certification class enables understanding of how the overweight body moves differently from the lean body, and how to apply these principles to lengthy progressions for all body sizes.
I do not require renewal of Plus Size Pilates Certification. Once you learn how to modify the moves, the knowledge is yours forever.

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