Discomfort Notice
It is the student’s responsibility to consult their doctor for a recommended range of motion before deciding to exercise an aching body part.
Never force or strain your body.
Consult your doctor before beginning this program.
The authors, producers, performers, teachers and/or distributors of this program disclaim any liability or loss with any advice, activity or demonstration contained
Spinal Fusion
The mat Pilates workout is generally not recommended
for exercisers with a spinal fusion made at any level.
A spinal fusion surgically locks two or more vertebrae
together to prevent or limit movement of the spine.
The exercising public, some physicians, and
many Pilates instructors are NOT aware
of the significant risk the practice of mat Pilates
(on the floor) can present for exercisers with
a spinal fusion.
The increasingly vigorous spinal movements of
Pilates exercises can de-stabilize (break) a spinal fusion,
or can negatively affect the compensating spine
above and/or below the fusion.

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