Mommy Tummy
After childbirth, the lingering weight gain,
plus carrying the baby can shift the
body out of alignment.
An unstable core, restricted range of motion,
and instability are problematic for all exercisers,
but particularly so for the rounder shapes
given body dynamics, in which the laws of gravity
place a poorly aligned exerciser at risk for injury.
Our program, preferably scheduled before
any other form of after delivery exercise begins,
effectively addressees the mother’s core strength
and posture.
Without core strength, full fitness potential
cannot occur for anyone.
Beyond the first trimester (the first 3 months) the weight of the
developing child can compress the aorta and decrease the oxygen
to the baby during many Pilates exercise including
a. Reclining exercises: the Hundred, Single Leg Circle,
Roll Up (East meets West),the Abdominal series.
b. Rolling series such as Roll like a Ball, Seal, and the
rolling-over series such as Jackknife.
c. On the stomach series such as Swan Rocking,
Viking, Grasshopper & Frogs, etc.
d. Rotating seated moves such as Saw, Spine Twist, Mermaid
The relatively safe Pilates mat exercises for a pregnant woman
are kneeling arm work, and the reclining on the side positions
such as Side Kicks, and simple side planks.

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