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Mary M. Gordon, Founder Plus Size Pilates, LLC
Mary M. Gordon’s fitness and medical experience,
and insightful observations make Plus Size Pilates® workouts
unique. Her years of operating room nurse experience
have given her a background in human anatomy.
Her knowledge of the breath as the result of years
of ventilator nursing has guided her in teaching
students to focus on their breathing techniques to maximize
the Pilates experience.
Additionally, Mary’s years of personal athletics,
including over fifty competitive events, mostly triathlons,
and her experience as a personal trainer, and as a Pilates and yoga
instructor significantly contribute to her knowledge as an
innovative mat Pilates instructor.
She is an armchair fan of all forms of adventure, and adventure racing,
and she enjoys the fine arts, reading, movies, popular youth
culture and high fashion.
The groundbreaking Plus Size Pilates® program moves beyond the traditional three level
mat Pilates system, to an original integrative format that safely and effectively instructs
of Pilates mat exercisers of varying body size, and degree of fitness.

Mary M. Gordon, the founder of Plus Size Pilates®, is a certified Pilates instructor, and an American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) Certified Personal Trainer. As a nurse Mary maintains active nursing license in Florida.

She teaches Pilates at various locations in Tucson, Arizona.
Under the banner of Plus Size Pilates® , Mary has produced
three award winning exercise videos recognized at
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival 2010, 2011.
Plus Size Pilates® DVDs and downloads are available on,,
Plus Size Pilates - Mary M. Gordon

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