Gazelle - I come to class feeling like a mushroom and leave feeling like a gazelle. SS
A “can do” workout
For once, I did not feel like everyone was looking at me because I could not do the move. I have always wanted to try a Pilates class but hesitated because all the classes offered in my gym were full of very skinny, in-shape people. AK
Pilates is the best exercise for my severe asthma. An intense, effective workout, it does not send me into an asthma attack. JV
Stress reliever
Pilates has been a great stress reliever for me. Focusing on my Pilates positions clears my mind from other stressful things on my mind. My husband has also noticed the stress relief in my mood. Pilates rocks! KW
Sits straighter
By strengthening my core, I have also improved my posture. I noticed that I sit up straight in my chair without any reminding nor do I feel fatigue from forcing myself to sit up straight throughout an 8-hour workday, nor do I feel strain or awkwardness. JV

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